Adelaide Commercial Cleaning

The Mint Team provides a service that is tailored to your requirements.

We aim to provide an efficient and reliable service that will complement your business. At first contact, we will arrange for one of our managers to come and meet you and discuss your requirements. We will agree a scope of work which we will work to on each visit.

Our cleaners are fully trained and vetted and take pride in the work that they do. For clients who require us to do regular cleaning, we will allocate the same cleaner (or cleaners) so that they become familiar with your needs and you can build up a trusting relationship with your cleaner.

As part of our commitment to Health and Safety, we will carry out a risk assessment of the parts of your premises that you require us to clean and provide your cleaner with all the necessary information and training they require to work safely. One of our managers will carry out regular site inspections to ensure that our commitment to Health and Safety is maintained and that we continue to achieve our expected level of workmanship

Our personnel are:

  • Trained in cleaning and hygiene
  • Equipped with Environmentally Responsible cleaning systems
  • Security Vetted and Insured
  • Health and Safety compliant, with industry leading equipment and contractor prequalification documentation

A clean, safe and hygienic workplace is not only a legal requirement; it can also improve staff productivity, and reduce absenteeism days lost to sickness. Research into workplace environments strongly indicates that improved cleaning can lessen rates of absenteeism, by preventing illness spreading around the workplace.

We also have a wide range of specialist cleaning services that can be called upon as a 1–off job, or, built into a contract.

  • Sanitising Workplaces
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Day Cleaning
  • Response Cleaning
  • Bathroom Hygiene Solutions
  • Window Cleaning
  • Cleaning Tiled Floors